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Token Values


Relax with Watercolour  Series III (4 pack of DVD’s) 23 Euro ($30) MEMBERS  17.99 Euro

Full series of 13 TV programmes bringing you 6.5 hours of painting tuition showing all the techniques and instructions. The price includes delivery worldwide.



Relax with Watercolour  Series II (4 pack of DVD’s) 23 Euro ($30) MEMBERS 17.99 Euro


Relax with Watercolour 6 Part Series I (2 DVD pack) 15 Euro ($20) MEMBERS 12 Euro

The original series with 3 hours of painting programmes.


Hard covered Sketch Pads A5 & A4


Harry Feeney Basic Palette set; Only available at workshops to MEMBERS for 20 Euro


Harry’s watercolour wake-up 9 Euro MEMBERS 8 Euro (restores dried up paint on palettes so you have no waste)


Harry’s watercolour wake-up / €8 includes p/p

Relax with Watercolour Mug Commissioned at the launch of series 3 made in Pontoon at The Terrybaun Pottery Studio. 18.99 Euro MEMBERS 16.99


Full Brush Set

Full Set of six brushes – Exclusive price €35.00 includes postage in Ireland

Trees, bushes & shrubs set

Set of Two Brushes for Trees, Bushes, Shrubs & Foliage – €12.00  inc. postage in Ireland

Fine Detail Set

Fine detail Sable Brushes (set of three) price €17 includes p/p

Hake Brush

Hake Brush only price €13.50 includes p/p

Watercolour Made Easy Book

Watercolour Made Easy Book – great price €16.99 includes p/p

Harry Feeney Home projects (step by step guide to painting a specific project, with photos of expected results along the way)

Harry Feeney Home projects €9 includes p/p

Brush Holder

Brush Holder €14.99 includes p/p